Tuesday, February 16, 2010

La robe de la petite maison du prairie or The Little House on the Prairie dress aka EPIC FAIL

This is my pattern. It is a 14, which is a little big for me. I liked the scalloped waist.
Now, due to the ridiculously busy, medium-size floral print I used, that detailing is nearly invisible. Can you even see the 20 pleats? no! Now I understand why people say quilter's cotton = looks homemade. I have learned my lesson.

Between the print, the high neck, and the long sleeves, I look like I jumped off a covered wagon in 1855. Boo! (I am pinching in about 2 inches in the back in this picture)
Faux happiness
Sad and frumpy? Oui!

If I ever wear it, I will make it into short sleeves and wear a sweater over it to break up the print. Not this stretched out sweater, but you get the idea.

Pattern: cute, but would need to be scaled down a few inches if I ever make it again.

Fabric: -15 out of 100

Little House on the Prairie role in my future? Possibly, I can bring my own costume!


  1. I don't know "Half Pint" I think it is really cute!

  2. Your dress is so pretty

  3. thanks guys! I think I might wear it to school once, see if I get viciously mocked by the 6th (and especially 7th) graders, and then maybe sell it on etsy. Someone out there may love it!

  4. One of my cousins had that dress in brown plaid, as I recall. I had a red plaid one that was quite similar - just the little girl version. Mom sewed the narrow skirt version is solid brown.It was a kick to see that pattern envelope!
    I agree that using quilting cottons for dressmaking is to be avoided, if possible. Trouble is, it can be difficult to find alternatives.

  5. I learned the hard way that homespun plais can have a similar effect. You could always remove the skirt, fix the size of the bodice and then re-do the skirt in a solid green. I think that would look quite chic.


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