Tuesday, February 16, 2010

In Progress

This is halfway done on my dress. I think I did a nice job on the sleeves and finally found a gathering technique for set-in sleeves that might work for me.

I bought this book at a garage sale a long time ago, and it is full of good explanations. It is from 1967.
It has lots of funny illustrations.
Then I decided to dig through my drawer of attachments for my machine. My machine is a 15 series from 1952, and although I got it for free from a nice woman on freecycle.org, it came with lots of the original equipment. Manual, oil, feet for different things. I started looking for a zipper foot, and I have 2. Then I started looking at the menacing buttonholer.

It has all of the gear, including manual, 2 sets of guides for sizes- everything you need except....
the feed plate cover that stops the machine from moving the fabric.


So, I wasted a great deal of time online. In the end, it looks like I would have to buy the whole buttonholer set on ebay for 15-20 bucks, just to get that one stupid part.

I don't know what I will do yet. I do think that if I am going to say that I "sew," if only for fun, I need to learn how to make a buttonhole at some point....


  1. Hiya! Found you through Sew Retro. I have an extra buttonholer feed plate that I would be happy to send to you if you let me know your address. Okay, actually I have 5 buttonholers and only two Singer machines, but every time I see a bunch of accessories in a thrift store I can't resist bringing the poor, neglected things home ;-) Can you blame me? I'm fascinated by the "primitive" technologies that give such great sewing results. catmccall at gmail dot com

  2. I sent you an email!! Thank you soo much, you are awesome!

  3. Ooh, I have that Coats & Clark book. I look at it often, mainly for the awesome illustrations (and the intro, which cracks me up in all of its Sixties earnestness). I have a vintage buttonholer, too, but I've lost the instructions and I'm scared to try it...


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