Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dress Update

Look! My lemon tree is blooming! Too bad I can't upload the smell, it smells wonderful!
The bodice is almost like a camisole with a bolero over it. I have made the skirt and most of the camisole. It isn't sewn together at the waist yet, so that's why it looks weird.
I am highly suspicious of how it made me do tucks on the side of the boobs. Plus, I realized I haven't sewn a plain fabric for a looonnnggg time. I of course did them all perfectly, but on the wrong side of the fabric, so i got to pick out all my stitches and do it again. Hooray! Now I am using my tailor's chalk to make a big D for dull on the wrong side as soon as I take off the pattern piece. Live and learn!
Next up is the neckline binding and the straps. I'll work on it tonight or tomorrow night, depnds on how quickly I finish making my stuff for school tomorrow. And how many Law and Order reruns I watch.

I must say, I felt like an expert teaching my 7th graders the Bill of Rights, simply due to all of the Law and Order I watch. I could answer every question they threw at me! LOL :)


  1. The color is really beautiful, I can't wait to see it completed and on you! You always do such a good job.

  2. It's looking great. I love the colour.


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