Saturday, February 20, 2010

Next up....

This is my new project I'm starting. McCall's 4885 from 1959. They date their patterns, so that's easy to find...right on the back! Look! If you love the pattern and have a 33 bust (misses 13) there's one on sale here on ebay! Only $6.50!
I had planned on making the full-skirted version, but I saw this blue fabric at Jo-Ann and was enthralled. It is the exact color of the girl on the left!
My receipt says it's "blue danube stretch". My thread is "rocket blue" and my zipper is "parakeet"- call it what you will, it's awesome. It almost looks like polished cotton and is fairly heavy, but also stretchy. I'm excited- this dress could be stunning! I am going to take my time and not (bleep) this one up! I think I will look like a barbie doll in this dress- but in a fun way!

So far I have cut out all the pieces....


  1. beautiful color i cant wait to see it on you!

  2. Did you get the buttonhole feed cover plate/buttonholer? I have a cover plate lying around, but no screw to it if not.


  3. yes, someone said she would mail me one. Thank you, though- sewing people everywhere are so nice and helpful!

  4. This looks really fun, I can't wait to see it made up

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