Saturday, February 20, 2010

Good-bye Gold Shoes!!

I went to wear my gold shoes for the Superbowl, only to discover they are literally falling apart. So, gold shoes, it is time to say goodbye...
I bought them at Value Village in 2001 for 80s day, in my senior year of high school.
They have served me well over the years, whenever I needed outrageous gold shoes, or for my aerobics instructor halloween costume, or whenever. (PS can you tell the dog loooovesss his squeaky tennis ball?)
Now they are cracking and the soles are not only peeling off, but the rubber is crumbling into bits.... so, goodbye, awesome gold LA Gear shoes.... goodbye....


  1. That's sad, these look really cool. Maybe you could paint some regular white tennis shoes with gold, actually I kinda want to do that now that I'm thinking about it

  2. thank you, fellow molly. i might start stalking them on ebay...

  3. that is so sad I remember well when you found the gold la gear shoes :(

  4. on a happier note T-Rex is super cute as usual!


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