Saturday, October 2, 2010

A walk around the block

I finished to bodice of my pink dress, and was going to post a picture. I left the usb cord plugged in though, and it always drains the whole battery. Does anyone else's camera do that? Pah.

So, I will instead give you the story of my afternoon walk with the dog around the block. From the perspective of T-Rex, of course.

Exit door, race to the first corner to see if the cat is there to be chased or smelled. Smell cat.

Walk the next side to the second corner, smell things, pee.

At second corner, stop and dig in heels; refuse to walk farther. Act terrified, even though we walk this route every SINGLE day. Be dragged by the neck around corner by Molly, evil Molly.

Hesitantly walk the next side of block, poop. Try to kick it onto Molly. Try to run in the street while she picks it up. Try to walk back the way we came.

Be dragged or encouraged to the third corner, while being terrified by the sounds of high school students playing basketball at the school.

Race around the third corner, with hair on back in mohawk, ready to bark at German Shepherds. Pull Molly like a sled dog.

Bark, be scolded.

Race down the street towards home and around last corner.

Run across yard, go inside and go back to sleep.

The end.


  1. What a great story from the perspective of T-Rex, it sounds like this is an well rehearsed routinue. How is his napoleon costume for halloween coming?


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