Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween Progress and a Haircut!

Before the haircut shot (long and raggedy)
Back, after:
Front, after:
I only cut my hair 2 times a year, so this was fun. I just wanted shoulder-length layers, and the hairstylist did a great job! I am very pleased with the results, and hopefully the will withstand my "blow-dry head upside down" method of fixing my hair each morning.

And here is my progress on my costume:
It's starting to come together, right?
I went to Jo-Ann and used my 50% off coupon to buy the velvet for T-Rex's Napoleon Bonaparte costume. With that and my teacher discount card, it was seven bucks. Sweet!

Then I went to compare the selection at Hancock and the store was a mess and they were out of everything. So tomorrow, I will go back to Jo-Ann to use my other coupon and pick up the rest of what I need. Everywhere is out of gold ribbon and because I am an idiot, I only bought one spool, which is five yards! So I ended up going to Michael's and buying 5 99-cent spools of 1/4 inch ribbon. I guess I'll just double it up so it looks right.

On Friday the school is having a Halloween dance, and I think I'll wear my old Marie Antoinette dress. I can't really be telling the students I am a girl from a beer ad, right? :)


  1. I LOVE your haircut!! Your hair looks so beautiful and you do too : ) Your costume looks great just a little more work and it will be done...I can't wait to see T-Rex as Napoleon, very in character for the little guy!

  2. I love your hair! This style frames your face and shows off your beautiful features.


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