Sunday, October 24, 2010


I spent some time last night sewing on my ribbon- now it looks so much more like a costume! It still needs one more row or swirls on the jacket, but I am nearly done.
Here is my sketch of T-Rex's costume. We jokingly decided on this last Christmas, since he has a big personality for tiny little dog. I find the term "Napoleon complex" offensive as it relates to people, but a dog is a dog.
On the left, gold and black for my top and scarf. On the right, blue velvet and white cotton for the weenie dog's costume. Andrew never decided on a costume, so he will prob be a pikgrim for the third time.


  1. I love it! I'm in the process of making my miniature pinscher Marie Antoinette, with her head still attached of course!

  2. Your costume is looking so good! It is such a creative idea. I wish I had time to make (and a place to wear) a costume. I'll probably be using my 70s does regency gown again if I have to go anywhere, although generic Mad Men character could be a possibility.

  3. Your costume is looking good! I love the material to finish yours and to make T-Rex's, it will be great to see them all finished and one the two of you.


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