Saturday, October 30, 2010

Past Halloweens and an Owl

I posted this a long time ago when I had about 5 readers and my mom. I made this for Halloween two years ago, when I was just starting to sew again. It may have been my second or third project. I was insanely ambitious and made it all without a pattern. The sleeves are weird, and the back has slits instead of buttonholes, since I didn't know how to operate the attachment then. However, it is heavily interfaced so it's stiff as a board and it gives a corsety look. Plus, it has pockets, so that I could have my phone, camera, lip gloss, ID and money and have no purse. Actually, I am going to go rip open my red skirt and add pockets. What was I thinking? It also has a purple tulle underskirt to give it some foof.
I wore it last night to the Halloween dance. The kids had a lot of fun- there was a costume contest and a dj, etc, etc.
This was Wednesday's sewing club project. I took the idea from Burdastyle, where I saw these a few months ago. It's really a rectangle with a pointed top. Then you tack down the point to make the beak and sew on button eyes, stuff, and sew closed. It was a really cute and easy project. For our next meeting in three weeks, I am going to bring the Necci to school and we're going to try to start making pajama shorts. I just tried to spell that pyjama, and was confused as to why it was correcting me. Ha.
Super cute! Tonight we are going to the Quarter to celebrate Halloween, which should be super fun! Tomorrow I'll have pix of my costume, Andrew's, and the dog's.

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  1. You and Stephanie look so cute in your costumes! The owl turned out to be a really good project and very cute too, I can remember making things like that in Home Ec a loooog time ago! Have fun celebrating Halloween with "Father Andrew" heheheh


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