Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cupcake Dress Update

I know some people are bored with work-in-progress updates; if that's you, goodbye! :)

I have been sewing so slowly lately with school. School isn't overwhelming me like last year, but it is time consuming. Plus, I have had some unfortunate after club late nights- two times parents didn't come pick up their child until after 6pm- when the club ends at 4:30! We are legally not allowed to leave until the kids are picked up, obviously, so it was unfortunate!

However, I have made the skirt for my dress. Now all I need to do is to sew the skirt to the bodice, make two buttonholes and sew on the snaps and buttons. I hope I can finish this tomorrow!

Dress overall- remember, the skirt isn't attached, so it won't be crooked.
The giant, awesome collar.
The buttons I chose for it out of my stash.
The many-pleated skirt. They are in little groups of three, maybe 30 total?
It definitely is now the Cupcake Dress because it is so poofy and pink. I will look like a big dorky cupcake in it. I doubt it will help me look 26, and not a middle school student, but oh well! You only live once!


  1. You have my sympathies! I do two afterschool clubs, and there is one boy in both who is picked up late very often. People tell me to kick him out of the club, but I don't think that's very fair to the kid. What's worse is when he tries calling and gets voice mail. I'm not even sure they know where he is! I have had him call home at the beginning of our meeting, to remind his parents that we're done at 4:30. Sometimes it helps, sometimes not.

    Sorry this isn't sewing related, but as a fellow teacher, I feel your pain!! I love the pink of your dress. It'll be perfect in the spring, when you want something cool and pretty!

  2. This is fantastic! I await action shots! You can style this so cute with little white flats! and big chunky white pearls!!

  3. Wow this is looking great and I'm itching to makr mine now. All I have to do is find fabric as cute as yours!

  4. Looking great so far! The fabric is the dots!!

  5. Oh la la, it is adorable. I love everything about it: the print, the collar and the pleats oh, and the button! so cute!


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