Thursday, October 28, 2010

Long bridesmaid dress choices... vote!

OK, so they don't have actually photos that I can use because it's the kind where you can zoom in and out for details. I chose four long dresses that are possibilities, so click on each link to loook at them and then vote! You might have to switch them from red to lapis, which is the fourth box from the left in the second row.

I really want something that is flattering. I am 5 foot 0 and I like things with a defined waist, which is a good look for a tiny person.

Choice 1: Interesting neckline. I think the ruching around the waist would be flattering.

Choice 2: Sweetheart neckline and a defined waist as well.

Choice 3: Cute details, pleated bodice and fitted waist.

Choice 4: Strapless, cool draping and a waist band.

Thanks for voting! Next time I'll look at knee-length dresses!

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