Saturday, October 9, 2010

Amazing Vintage Dress Finds!!!

I went to three garage sales in Metairie this morning with Andrew. We also got him a Blackberry for his birthday. That took forever- cell phone stores are so stupid.

This was at the last sale we went to- three awesome, new-with-tags, vintage Swirl dresses. I was looking at a rack of clothes at the estate sale, and the lady next to me said "those are so cute, but they're a 16." I looked anyways, and they are a vintage 16- a world of difference!

Here's the tag: "in just 25 seconds you'll be lovely in this"
It is as easy as it says to put on.
These are the store tags: Maison Blanche, an old department store on Canal St that is out of business.

Inside tags:
Dress #1: A light blue with some discoloration along the stomach and on the tie. If it can't be soaked out with Oxyclean, I can always dye it a little darker blue. Look at the giant pockets! One website said it's probably from the 50s or early 60s if it had big, patch pockets and a below-knee length skirt, which all three do.
Beautiful detail along the collar and the tops of the pockets.
They all have swirly buttons.
Dress # 2: a medium blue hounds tooth with ribbon details.
Dress # 3: A dark blue and green plaid.
I don't know what this detail is called, but I do know I would never have the patience to sew it.
And some other stuff: corn on the cob holders and a Flintstones glass.
And, the cutest little mug ever. Always drink your milk!!!
Today I will wash the dresses, since they have that musty old house stink. The do all need to be hemmed, since they hit me at the bottom of my calf, which is such a flattering look....

Tomorrow I will have pictures of my completed cupcake dress! I do think these dresses deserve their own photo shoots as I fix them up, right?

Oh, p.s.- They were $9 total!


  1. These are some great finds. I love all of the dresses and especially the detail in the neckline of the last dress.

  2. The detail on the third dress looks like the faggoting stitch and it is super easy. What beautiful dresses!

  3. Wow! What great finds, lucky you! I agree, I think it's the faggoting stitch as well. Never done it myself but it's a very cool detail!

  4. What cool finds! I look forward to seeing the individual fashion shoot for each hemmed dress and of course the finished cupcake dress!

  5. Great finds you lucky girl :) Yes to fagoting stitch and I have a Simplicity pattern from 1952 that is identical to the dress sketch shown on the tag, if that helps with dating.

  6. Beautiful, can't wait to see them on you : )


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