Thursday, July 15, 2010

White shorts re-do

Today is about 100 degrees out. We had plans to walk the dog at the park, but he only wanted to sit in the shade. This picture is post-rolling-in-mystery-stink.
Look at that precious baby face!

I remade my white shorts, and they are much more appropriate now. I made them about one inch wider on every piece. That made them comfortably loose. I also drafted a curved waistband to solve the gaping back problem from the last pair. I also did the fly better this time. All in all, much nicer.
I used an awesome vintage button. I think it is slightly off, it's making that fold on the fly... Oh well. Vintage zipper too, once again about 5 dollar shorts.
The back is soo much looser. Yay!
So now I have a wearable pair of white shorts! My summer is over in about 2 weeks, but it will be warm here through October, so they'll get some use!

Coat update:
We're going to NY the last weekend in July, so I need to finish this! Then, off to buy beautiful fabric for a coat. I'm thinking chocolate brown and tan, but we'll see....


  1. If you don't find any fabric there, try:
    They carry stock from NY fabric district, so there is lots of "inexpensive" cashmere coating, camel hair coating, etc.

  2. Cute shorts! White garments are much better on the loose side, rather than too tight...


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