Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sewing Club

I have definitely decided to do a sewing club at school. From what I saw today, they are building one home ec room, but it is mid-construction, so I don't know if it will have sewing machines or not.

Hopefully some students will be interested and join- I didn't do this last year, so who knows.

In preparation, I asked on freecycle (a yahoo group where people can give or get things for free in your community) if anyone had sewing stuff to donate to a middle school club. I only got three responses, but they were all very generous.

One woman gave us a little singer box full of tiny spools of thread, one woman gave me a few patterns and four giant tins of buttons, and the woman today gave me four GARBAGE bags full of patterns and fabric. So I think we will be ok on supplies until we can do a fundraiser of some kind. How exciting!

I think for the first project we will be learning how to cut out a pattern and hand sew decently. I have received several craft patterns to make purses/bags. Does this sound too hard for a first project?

I also saw this online, which looks insanely cute to me- click click! Stuffed animals made from goofy drawings? Sooo cool.

There was also a pattern for a hideous fleece scarf with snipped fringe all over it. That would certainly be easy, but who wants a scarf in August in Louisiana? lol.

Any great ideas that would be super cheap and/or free?


  1. I think pin cushions would be fun! They can be used later on for your other sewing projects or even given away as gifts. Plus there are tons of free patterns on the web if you search. They can also be simple or complex so that it can accommodate different sewing level skills. And it is also easy for everyone to have something their own style :)

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  3. I just came across your blog (I'm a transplanted Louisiana girl in Colorado). I think it's great to start a sewing group at the school.

    I did something similar with a math class at a middle school (to get the kids to realize how much they need basic math). You could try a simple baby size quilt or even a pillow/pillow-case to get them comfortable/familiar with handsewing, etc. I did the quilt with the math group. (They had to calculate how much fabric they would need). The kids really got a kick out of it. They could do something simple with just squares or strips. we were able to complete it before the end of the semester.

    BTW, you should contact the local chapter of
    the American Sewing Guild in New Orleans. They might be a great source for donating sewing items. Our ASG group out here does
    quite a bit with the community.

    Good luck on the group.

  4. When I was in junior high, our first sewing project was a tote bag. Easy and useful. Our first patterns were made of poster board so everyone was able to use them easily. Your school is lucky to have you!

  5. Great idea!
    Good luck with it - I'll watch eagerly for updates on this project! Such a worthwhile idea!

  6. pillows, totes, and gathered elastic waist skirts! Can't wait to hear how this works for you!

    ~Kelli @ Smidgens

  7. That is a great idea! What about sewing with fleece? Fleece doesn't ravel and is fairly cheap.

  8. Pencil cases or lunch bags? Easy projects that are useful for school. We also made beanbag frogs, super easy project plus then you have something fun to throw around later :)
    I also remember being taught to sew on paper before we were allowed to sew on fabric. Probably bad for dulling the needle but it helped to see where the stitch lines end up when sewing.
    Good luck! This sounds like fun :)

  9. I love your sewing club idea and I think the school is lucky to have you and I think you will have fun teaching sewing! I like all of the ideas from the other 'followers'. We made a drawstring gym bag for our first project in home ec, a very simple design with two sides stitched and a casing for the drawstring. I love the idea for the pin cushions, so individual and should be easy to make, and useful! Good luck with the club : )


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