Thursday, July 22, 2010

A New Orleans Original

Giant potholes, that is. You thought I was talking about a daiquiri, you wish! Please note, one is merely the LENGTH of a minivan, the other has the DIAMETER of a minivan. The one on the left is about a foot deep and the big one is well over a foot.
Andrew, doing a highly scientific depth test.
We used to have huge amount of fun sitting on the balcony and watching people violently grind their car against the ground, or slam on the brakes at the last minutes, etc. I justify my amusement by saying no one should be driving down a residential side street going over 30 mph.

And if you know anything about New Orleans, you know that it's been like this for months, and may never be fixed.... but I'll miss this city when we move someday...


  1. You mean no one has put a cone or barrel in it yet?

    I love NOLA. My husband went to Tulane and we got married last year at Preservation Hall. We will be there next March for a friend's wedding and I CANNOT wait!

  2. I too have visited NO and loved it - and I definitely remember the giant potholes lol!!! And yes, they may or may not get fixed AND they are not just on residential streets...luckily I was driving a truck and didn't feel them quite as much as those vehicles lower to the ground. Wow, this post really made me smile as I fondly remember those visits - thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow, that's a huuuge pothole. I thought we had bad potholes in Glasgow but they're nothing compared to that!;

  4. It is so green, must be all that rain!


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