Friday, July 9, 2010

Halloweenie and the perfect pencil skirt

This is the Halloweenie. He was being super cute, so I posed him in my orange chair. Usually my two nice chairs are off limits, so he is making a funny face like I'm trying to trick him.

I had a weird dream. I had a baby, but people were chasing me and I kept having to run away with my baby, who during most of the dream was T-Rex. At one point I had to find him in a motel room full of wiener dogs and escape. I am always having dreams about being chased through large, old buildings with lots of staircases and weird rooms.

Anyone care to guess what that says about my brain? LOL

This is the pattern I like for pencil skirts. I made a 10, but it ended up being loose. How were those white shorts so grotesquely tight in a 8 and the skirt in a 10 is loose? Bah.

It was a comedy of errors making this. I gave no thought to the plaid when cutting out the (first) waistband. Since it is curved, it just made all the lines look off and crooked. So I cut out a new one and re-did it, but didn't cut out the front on the fold. So it's all goofy. Never fear, I will still wear it to school.

Now this picture makes the skirt look like all kinds of hideous, but it looks much better on me. I am going to finish my cape though, and then do one awesome photo shoot with both. I swear the zipper does not look that bad in person!! Nor is the hem violently crooked.

It's cool because it has a double kick pleat and all the seams give it some nice shaping.

This was a good practice and now I will cut it out of my nice black wool. But first I must finish my cape!!!


  1. I really like the skirt and the waistband looks good, I love the two kick pleats and you did a great job of matching the plaid, I want to see it on you. As far as the dream... hmmmmmmm, I don't have any idea what it means but it's interesting : )

  2. I can't help you decipher your dream, but the Halloweenie looks just like my dog, Captain Philbert!


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