Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Beach fun

I'm back from Destin, Florida where we got to stay a friend's family's condo. It was great!
Look at our moonbeam skin- imagine the pasty white future children, hee hee. Oh and I did wear sunscreen constantly, but I still burned my stomach- itchy.
Our relationship in a nutshell. I love this swimsuit, here is a link to the brand. I bought it three years ago in Corsica, it's a French brand called pain de sucre. You can tie it like a halter or behind your back to make it strapless. As my boyfriend's wise little sister told me, "It's really more of a lounging suit than a swimming suit..." If you try to swim or go in the waves, you will have "wardrobe malfunctions," so to speak.

All three of my swimsuits are French. I don't wear even close to the smallest size in France, like I do here, and French women like to be thin and aren't obsessed with having big b(usts) so they aren't padded or anything. So your suit actually dries quickly.
Here are some BP oil containment people. They were probably more of a holiday weekend PR stunt since there was no oil on the beach. If you went out in the water there were tiny coin-sized blobs of oil sometimes, but it didn't stick to you.
Other fun facts:

I can still do cartwheels and round offs- yay years of gymnastics!
We saw a tiny dead puffer fish, but didn't have the camera!!
I got slammed by a wave and lost my sunglasses, my hair tie, and almost my top- boo.
We got to see some fireworks on the beach.
I got to sit on the beach reading and drinking for five days!

Overall, it was fun with friends and soo nice to get out of New Orleans for awhile, and I still have about 3 more weeks of summer left!!!


  1. I live in Destin, thank you for coming to stay in our little town and spreading the word about our clean beaches!

  2. I love, love, love the beaches in Florida on the gulf! I wish I was there right now : (

  3. We wnated to drive to Destin this summer (we live in the Houston, Texas area), but decided not to because of the oil spill. Thinking we'll wait a bit until things are (hopefully) cleaned up....there is no way we can keep the kids out of the water!


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