Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I have been totally unmotivated lately. I can feel my summer slipping away...back to work soon. I have an insane to-do list, and just the thought of it makes me want to nap and do nothing.

Projects I need to finish in the next week:

1. Coat muslin, fit, rip apart and decide how much fabric I need to buy
2. Black wool pencil skirt, waiting on lining shipment from Vogue fabrics
3. Skirt with inverted pleats made out of red and beige quilters cotton
4. Finish re-fashioning those vintage dresses. I started the flowered one, but between the needle jamming the fabric into the feed dogs and making the elastic violently tight on the one sleeve I finished, I lost my mojo...

Plus I want to think ahead to Halloween. Last year, school had me so stressed out I was grinding my teeth at night and I couldn't sew any costumes. I need to think of something awesome. T-Rex is going to be Napoleon Bonaparte, and I am thinking something like Vivian Von Dimples' costume, it's pretty stupendous. Like a beer garden!

Any great ideas for a Halloween costume? I will draft it myself, so I don't need a pattern...


  1. Halloween? I am so freaking' so that I started thinking about Christmas! I know--it's sad :( As far as Halloween I bought a grey brocade hooded cloak on ebay a few years ago. The Honey wears an elfish outfit with a brown cloak (ebay) and I wear under the cloak a black velvet skirt and top. We moved to a new state so no one here has seen the stuff anyway.

  2. I'm also already on to Christmas :D
    I usually go as a Jane Austen character. Didn't sew that dress for nothin!

  3. The dress that Grace Kelly wore to the costume ball in 'To Catch A Thief' and Andrew can go as the the African servant who follows her with the umbrella. Watch the movie and see what you think.


Thanks for your thoughts and feedback!