Friday, July 9, 2010

Instant Gratification

First I cleaned up my telephone table, which was buried under a mountain of stuff. The bags underneath are scraps I am saving for Sewing Club, which I will be starting when school recommences. That deserves its own post, because it's awesome.
Then I found 2 yards of this paisley cotton and I remembered that I had planned to make an ironing board cover over Spring Break (which was in March).
So I slapped one together!! Two layers of quilt batting, some cotton and some elastic and I have a nice looking cover. We won't get any closer because the cutting is ragged and the sewing is shoddy, but it looks better than the towel I have been using for almost a year (ahhhh)!!
I don't know how many other sewing ladies like Southpark, but that framed embroidery reminds me of Cartman's evil forest creatures. Hee hee.


  1. That fabric made a gorgeous ironing board cover. Love quick projects.


  2. Yes!!! A fellow sewing lady that watches Southpark! :) Do you watch the Squidbillies?

    Love the new ironing board cover. I hope to make a new one for mine soon! It's got battle wounds of burn marks and long ago pattern transfers of Sublime Stitching embroideries.

  3. Love the ironing board cover and the fabric was perfect, so much cheerier than anything you could have bought ready made!


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