Sunday, June 6, 2010

White blouse pics- Butterick 5217

Andrew drove me to the fabric store, since it's now 94 degrees and raining and my car has no A/C. It was raining torrentially, and the cd player kept playing songs like "Cloudless" and "Sunny Afternoon." A bit of irony. People were driving like morons because of the rain, of course.

The we took pictures of my white blouse, which you can read about here.
Front. It's a little sheer, so I can just wear a tank top underneath.

Back with the cute buttons.
Side view, to show how the front piece is shorter than the back. It makes it cuter, i think. I have to be careful with baggy clothes because I am so short.

What a nice blouse for the summer! Plus I like these shorts from Forever 21. My next project is a pair of white cuffed shorts, very similar to the ones in these pictures. I've never made shorts before, and it's a McCalls pattern, so we'll see how it goes!!


  1. That's a lovely blouse. I think the sheerness adds to the cuteness. It looks like the perfect little blouse for summer!

  2. I like your blouse. Should be perfect for summer. I can so identify with bagging tops and being short. Good job on the blouse.

  3. Have I mentioned how CUTE you are? I love the photos of the white blouse, so cute with the buttons on the back!

  4. I love back button blouses. It's so cute. Your glasses are really cool too.

  5. Love the blouse and the glasses too!

  6. Love the blouse, I bet it's nice and cool :)


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