Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Simplicity 3871 with pictures!

Here is my pattern, also a 25 cent buy from the estate sale. I made the view on the left, with the tie collar and cummerbund belt. The inspiration picture was cut out of the newspaper and tucked in the envelope, but the pattern was uncut, so I guess she never used it.
It's a 14, which is a 34 bust. That's a little big, and the dress is somewhat roomy. Overall, it's nice, but not great, and will be good for work. Navy blue is a flattering color for me.

I decided not to iron the pleats in the skirt. I never have any success with looking crisp and pressed once I sit down, and it's very floaty and nice. It seems like a skirt to wear salsa dancing, not that I do. :)
This is with the cummerbund belt. If the dress was more fitted, it would look better. I doubt I will ever wear it, because it looks like it is cinching up a lot of loose fabric.
Here's the back tie, which I forced poor Andrew to retie about 5 times. The back detail is nice, but it shows off all the moles on my back. When I was maybe 8 or 10, I used to imagine how nice it would be when I grew much bigger, but all my moles would stay the same size. Lol, too bad that didn't work out. Apparently, your skin grows WITH you, who knew?
Another pair of cute dollar shoes from the estate sale. Off white heels are especially nice because T-Rex chewed the hell out of my other ones and I had to toss them.
My greatest achievement! A nice looking side zipper? Be careful, it might be the apocalypse if I put in a decent looking zipper. I basted it shut and actually used my zipper foot. Sometimes it pays to actually follow the directions. Like the princess seams on the bodice. I was furious because I couldn't get them to not pucker when I stitched them. Finally, I read the directions, stay-stitched the curves, clipped them, and then it was a breeze. I am my own worst enemy sometimes.

Next up:

A real life muslin? Yes, I am making a muslin out of red cotton for a jacket and skirt pattern. I want a black suit, but I won't waste all that nice, expensive wool from Mood on a screw up!

Movies I have watched now that school is out and I have free time: The Duchess, 2012, Quinceanera, Shutter Island, the Time Traveler's Wife, and Precious. Precious was sad, but good, as was Quinceanera. The rest were all meh.


  1. Cute! I have that exact pattern in a 32 bust, and it's on my list for fall... I'm glad to see that it sews up so pretty! I don't think it looks bad a little larger in the bust, but I know what you mean... I always grade the bust down on 34s, but sometimes it doesn't go well.

  2. You're sewing up a storm! You look gorgeous - I actually really like it with the cummerband - it cinches it in and draws attention to your little waist. It is lovely!

  3. Very cute! Where do you find the time to sew up all these cute dresse? I love the color, you're right, it is very flattering. Good job on the zipper, mine never come out so neat, so now I've taken to handsewing them in :( Great work!

  4. Love your dress! I actually prefer it with the cummerbund, waist-cinching is a good thing. And I'm coveting your fantastic $1 shoes, what lucky finds!

  5. Gasp! I saw that pattern once on ebay and fell in love. Sadly I did not win the auction and have been looking for it again. Your dress looks very nice. I actually like it with the cummerbund.

  6. Fashion-wise, yeah Shutter Island was disappointing.
    I love this dress pattern! And what brand are those shoes? I have a very similar pair.

  7. Thanks everyone! The shoes are made by "Footworks"

  8. You made 25 cents look like a million! The color is really pretty on you too. You didn't ask, but I say yes to the cumberbund and yes to showing off moles (if it bothers you, just wear your hair down). The dress is begging to go dancing!

  9. You did an amazing job. I love the back.


  10. ummmmm I LOVE this pattern! Apparently, I need to start going to estate sales so that I can find awesome patterns like this one! So cute!

  11. Beautiful color and fit. I guess I'm the only one who likes it without the cumberbund but I'm biased at the moment since I'm making a bunch of semi-fitted dresses --they follow the curves but leave me some room.

  12. So cute and what a great job sewing! I love the color and the shoes are adorable with it.


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