Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pattern Loot- Pictures

So here are the pictures of the patterns I bought at the estate sale last weekend! I am excited!

This is my top prize, it is so beautiful! I want to make a coat out of this, maybe even out of cashmere. How awesome would that be?
Here's the button detail, which is very cool. The spread out in a V as you travel down the coat.
A coat, a slip, men's shirts in case I ever decide to make something for Andrew instead of myself, and a cute dress with the 2 big buttons.
Bathrobe, little shirt dresses, a Charlie's Angels jumpsuit and Chinese inspired dress.
Insane 80s jumpsuit, a dress with pretty details, meh, and I love the maroon jacket with one button.
front button shirt pattern, cool bell shaped skirt, a button up dress and a dress with an intersting collar.
A romper, freaky swimsuit, a cute yellow dress and a nice shirt dress.
These were from an antique mall in Salem. They were in a bag, so you couldn't really see what you were getting, but I was pleasantly surprised. 10 buckles for 8 bucks is reasonable. Plus, the last time I bought a buckle on ebay, they shipped it in a regular envelope and it was all smashed up when I got it. Boo!
Now that I'm back from Oregon, I am going to sew up a storm for the rest of the summer! Yay!


  1. Oh, what a lovely haul. I particularly like the floral 6os pattern in the 4th set down.

  2. I love the pantsuit with that yellow dress! Were these the patterns you found so cheaply? Great find!! Glad you made it home safe :)

    ~Kelli @ Smidgens

  3. what luck! i love all the patterns, can't wait to see what you make. my favorite is the dress with two buttons.

  4. All of these patterns are awesome. The top one will make a gorgeous coat.


  5. What a score - such lovely finds! The coat is unbelievable.. and I also like Simplicity 2549, that collar detail is so pretty!

  6. Awesome loot! I can't wait to see what you make. Oh and the 80's coverall's, I bet Andrew is so excited! hehe I didn't see the buckles but you got some really nice ones, they look vintage. Do you know where my little framed picture is?

  7. OOOOH I'd love to have been shopping with you!


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