Friday, June 11, 2010

Vacay in Oregon

Mom and I went to estate sales today, since we both like that. Pictures to come later, I forgot my cord to put them on the computer.

Now, click away if you don't like angry rants.

My rant:

I am never flying on American Airline ever, ever again. It sucked. Originally, I booked a shorter trip because I didn't know if I would be teaching summer school or not. I ended up not being needed, so I called to change my ticket to stay longer. It would be $150 just to change the ticket, then the difference in the price of the two fares. The cheapest difference in price would have been 300 bucks. On top of the original ticket, which was several hundred dollars. That alone is pretty ridiculous.

Then on the actual trip, I had a connection in Dallas. The flight was running about 30 min late because we had to fly around a thunderstorm. We get off the plane with about 20 min left, and I hauled a** across the airport and I get there with 7 other people from the New Orleans flight. We still had ten minutes until the flight was supposed to end boarding. They had already shut the door!! Plus, the woman at the counter studiously ignored us standing there with our tickets in our hands until one guy got her attention by yelling if we could get on the plane. She said "Oh, of course not, they already left." OMG, since when does a flight actually leave early?

I made a point of being sad, but polite. Working at the ticket gates would be an awful job. Plus, some guy in front of me in line was being enough of an embarassment. "Man, I want to speak to the president! We deserve our money back and first class seats!!" LOL. Maybe when unicorns start pooping out hundred dollar bills!! hee hee.

So I was rebooked on the 4:30 pm flight, this was at 8:55 am. Magically, one woman and I got standby on the 12:50 flight and I ended up getting in only an hour and a half later than expected.

Seriously, in the future I am not flying on AA. I can give my money to someone that doesn't suck quite that much.

However, I read a 500 page novel in my day at the airport (Silent in the Grave, if you like Victorian England and mysteries) and I made it to Oregon! Yay!


  1. I second your feelings on AA. I have too many horror stories with them to list.

    Glad you made it and glad you thought ahead to bring a book!

    ~Kelli @ Smidgens

  2. I know what you mean! We only have NorthWest/Delta up here and I hate flying with them. I once got stuck on a layover for SEVEN hours. It was awful.

  3. What a nightmare! Thank goodness you had a book.

    Looking forward to seeing what you got from the estate sale.


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