Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Vintage Find

Last summer I went to an estate sale in the French Quarter, and they were selling hundreds of smoking jackets and nightgown and peignoir sets. Now, they wanted absurd prices for them. I think it was one of those "these sell for X $ on ebay, so I will make them all 80 bucks" kind of things. Sure, but that's people around the world bidding. How likely is it you'll find some schmuck in New Orleans willing to pay that much?

Anyways, later that day I went to the Goodwill on Jefferson Hwy thinking that I could find a similar nightgown or some cheap fabric. Lo and behold, what did I find but an awesome vintage nightgown?
Plus, it cost $3 and it is really pretty. It did have that thrift store/ old house stink to it, but I soaked it in Oxyclean and it's good as new.
Cute lace shoulder detail.
Here's a website entirely devoted to Van Raalte vintage products. Based on the font of the tag, it's early 60s or newer.

I really like seeing things at estate sales and then finding cheaper, similar things later on. It makes me feel sneaky and smart. :)


  1. It's really pretty..okay, that's weird commenting on someone elses lingerie...lol! I love when yI find things like that at such good prices!


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