Thursday, June 3, 2010

Blue dress pictures! Butterick 5455

This is my pattern:
Here's my discussion of the pattern, here. Mainly my only issue is that my hips and butt are not a 6. Operator error.
This one is funny because the dog literally did not notice the duck. My yellow lab growing up would have been in the water swimming after it in seconds.

Side view.
See, there are pockets, they just aren't super obvious.

I would definitely make this again, probably in black. It's cute dress and it fits well.

Extra bonus:

Yesterday, I decided we are going to have a fondue dinner sometime soon, so we needed to go to goodwill to find a set. Andrew was skeptical that we could just waltz in and find one. However, waltz in we did, and there were THREE to choose from.

For some reason, the line was insanely long and as we were standing there what do I spy? The fraternal twin (not an identical twin, but very twin-like!) ottoman to the one in the living room!

This is the new one:
Rectangular, slightly taller.

Here is the original:
Square, with little tabs on the side (that have dog tooth marks)

It was a sign! According to the tag, it had just been put out that same day! Andrew was mocking me and said I was wasting my money, but who is sitting on it today playing video games? Mmm hmmm.

But let's not make Andrew out to be bad. He is sweet; I love him, my mom loves him, the weenie dog loves him (the most, sadly. My dog prefers him over me) He happily listens to my sewing and blog updates and takes my pictures on increasingly conspicuous city-wide photoshoots. LOL. And he is a ginger. :)

I still have three projects to take pictures of, so stay tuned!


  1. Gorgeous dress - love the hidden pockets!

  2. What a great dress and it suits you so well :D
    Isn't thrifting great sometimes? Never mind my trying to find a cheese platter with bell jar top for about a YEAR (I finally bought one online).

  3. I love the dress, it fits you so well and you look stunning in it.
    It's great when you go out thrifting and find a piece that actually matches something else you already have. My husband complains sometimes if I bring another piece of furniture, or actually another piece of anything home but once it's put in its place he's convinced we really had to have it.
    Good luck for further goodie hunting.

  4. I love the dress, and the wiener dog picture!

    ~Kelli @ Smidgens

  5. I love everything, Andrew because he loves you and makes you happy, the weiner dog and of course the dress and most! Your dress is really cute and it is very flattering, I think you could make a cute black dress out of that pattern too. Have fun with the fondue, will there be baby bottles of wine too? LOL Love you Mom

  6. Your dress is gorgeous. What an amazing fit.

  7. You look wonderful in your dress, it's beautiful!


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