Monday, May 31, 2010

Executive decision

The flowy dress pattern won in the poll, but I had something else in mind for it. A tiny floral print or a leopard print... so I made an executive decision and made the dress with pockets.

The only problem came from not realizing that this pattern went down to a 6. I usually just cut out the smallest size. This time, my butt was too big! It was so tight and the fabric has no stretch. So I had to let out the seam allowances on the sides and center back. That mostly fixed it, but if I were to make it again, I would make the skirt in an 8.

Back view:
Front view:
The pleats around the neck and the pockets are hard to see on the dummy (which needs a name), but are more visible on. Once again, real pictures will have to wait until stinky Andrew comes back from his trip. Hee hee.

Next up is the other Butterick pattern in an animal print rayon. It sounds tacky, but just wait- it'll be good!


  1. Pretty! It's kind of nice that the pockets blend in, and the pleats around the neck are lovely. Nice work!

  2. Very pretty and you look so good in blue I can't wait until 'stinky' Andrew (I don't mean that Andrew) comes home to take photos! Looking forward to the next project and I love animal prints : )

  3. I spent a lot of time on that poll...what is this communist china!

    -Andrew ;)

  4. does she have a name yet - mine is called Mavis


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