Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bean there, done that

The lighting is bad, but here is the location of future beans. Andrew built the bed with wood that was just lying around, and the future bean poles are old window bars that were leaning against the shed. They probably were torn off after hurricane Katrina, so I doubt the landlord will care. The only cost was for topsoil and the beans.
Here is my frame!! I love it. I bought it at a random junky garage sale where everything he had had water damage. It was bare wood with a bunch of nails and staples in it and was kind of mildewed.
It took three coats of Honey Oak stain and then three coats of clear varnish to give it a nice gloss. I think the picture shows how gigantic the frame is- easily 3' x 3'. I think it is beautiful.
As you can see, it has lovely carved details on the outside edges. Andrew is going to paint a life-size portrait of the dog for it. I took the best picture on my cell phone, which I can't get to upload onto the computer. He is sitting in my green armchair on an afghan in the sun, and is staring at the camera with his tongue stickling ever-so-slightly out of his mouth. I love that dog, he is my baby.

Frame wrap-up:

Total cost: 20$ (5 for frame, rest for brush and stains)
Time I procrastinated finishing it: 13 months (egad!)
Actual time invested (labor): 3 hours



  1. Nice work! That would frame a mirror nicely too, it's huge!

  2. BEAUTIFUL! I love the frame and you did a great job!

  3. You and Andrew are so cute! I can't wait for Andrew to paint a picture of T-Rex and you frame it and hang it on the wall.


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