Monday, May 17, 2010

Striped Dress is Finished! (with pics)

So, the dress is finally done. The waist is unfortunately snug, due to not cutting the skirt front on the fold. Other than that, it's pretty cute. All pictures were taken by Andrew in City Park, which is beautiful.I am going to try to make better photo shoots.
The dog is gnawing on his foot, I think he stepped on a stinging caterpillar.
From the side.
The tie in the back. My hair looks nice in the back? Wow. You can see how the upper back is soo poofy over the shoulder blades. That will be fixed in the final version.
The front, which is cute.

Minus the sausage feeling around my waist, I like it!


  1. I saw this on Sew Retro first, and I have to say, I positively was gaga over this because it came from Claire McCardell. She has such a talent for chic, yet simple/comfortable styles.
    I really like this and can't wait to see the final version.
    Aren't back-fabric-humps the worst? I'm slowly learning to tailor it away.

  2. Your photos are so pretty, that dress is so perfect for a weekend walk in the park!

  3. Your dress looks good on you!

  4. Lovely dress. I the background you took the pictures in, too.

  5. So lovely and you look beautiful!

  6. Fitting in the upper back is the bane of my sewing existence! Even when I try to make the necessary changes to the pattern, I still find I have to wrestle with that extra fabric in my muslin. Bah!

    I adore that pattern and I can't wait to see the final version of the dress!!


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