Friday, May 21, 2010

French Twist

In the morning:
Last time I wore this blouse, I had my hair down and maybe 2 people commented on it. This time, I pulled it up and about a million people commented. The cute detail like the collar and ruffles are more obvious with my hair up. One of the 7th grade boys said "you look like an old-fashioned person," which is somewhat insightful for a 7th grade boy.

After school. It held up all day! What a miracle. Thanks to Elnett, the greatest hairspray on the planet. It came out in the US about a year ago and all of my magazines were raving about its magical wonders. I wanted to see if it was true, and it was! I love it! In the US, you can only buy it at Target.
It gave me curls again!

And I even got a picture of the back this time!

Anyways, sorry to be boring. I used to try to do this with my hair all the time when it was longer, and I always failed, so this is new and exciting.

Parting note:
(6th grade students of mine talking about my hair)
First one: Look, she has a French twist.
Second one: It's because she speaks French!

Sorry about the underlining, I don't know how it did that, so I can't fix it. This weekend I am going to slap together the 70's dress. So far the darts are a go.


  1. Oh Molly I love your blog! The students comments are so cute, and of course your hair is pretty up and with the curls! Love you Mom

  2. Check out the blouse on sew retro, Cecili's post, it is a cute blouse and a good fit.

  3. I love the comment from your mom!!! I have a daughter named Molly too...and I always post adoring comments on her blog. You have beautiful hair and I'm sure many of the sixth grade boys have crushes on you.


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