Sunday, May 30, 2010

I saw a sign...

I decided last night, after looking at how much this china costs on ebay, that if I went back today and it was still there...then I could think about buying it. AND IT WAS!! The woman wouldn't go to half, so I bought it for $200. Which may be somewhat financially unwise. My justification: a dinner plate alone on ebay is usually about 75 bucks, plus shipping. JUSTIFIED!! :)

Further justification: According to my mom, that breaks down to about 9 dollars a piece. That's walmart cheap! LOL
Look how awesome the border is. Does your china have a griffin sticking its tongue through a skull? I doubt it. How sad for you.

Total loot roundup:

2 dinner plates
2 salad plates
2 bread and butter plates
6 berry dishes
4 soup cups plus saucers
2 teacups and saucers
2 espresso cups and saucers
1 set of sugar (with lid) and creamer

32 pieces! Yay!

If you are jealous, as you very well should be, it is Wedgwood Florentine in turquoise and there is always some on ebay. I wish you luck!!



  1. Great job! $200 is nothing compared to your happiness right? Beautiful pattern too!

    ~Kelli @ Smidgens

  2. Amazing!! They had no idea what they had, we have priced this so many times on ebay we know what it goes for... LOL
    Now you and Andrew can use it for a special dinner for two. Enjoy Molly, you really got lucky!

  3. Gorgeous! I'm personally coveting the Flamingo Stripe Pyrex that pops up on Etsy occasionally (not the one with the tacky gold stripe), but this is 10 billion times cooler! Well worth it.

  4. Nice haul! It's always great to add a new treasure to the china cabinet!

  5. I just reread your blog from the first entry and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it! You have come a long way in a year of sewing. In the beginning you posted that for the halloween costume you cut slits for the button holes and now you just made a blouse and changed the pattern so that you could put buttons down the back!!! That's progres. : )

  6. What a cool set of china! I'm not "into" dishes (I mainly eat food straight out of its wrapper, lol) but I can definitely feel the allure of these.

  7. As Kathy Griffin says, "Things make me happy." I couldn't agree more! Congrats!


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