Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Poll- Which pattern works for this fabric?

This is my fabric I got at Jo-Ann tonight. And before I get started, can I just say that the Jo-Ann on Veterans Blvd in Metairie, LA is so full of the rudest employees imaginable. I was in a time crunch to get home to watch Glee, but I need to just drive farther and go to Hancock fabrics. And I waitressed for years, so I am very generous in overlooking a little bad attitude here and there. Anyways, look at the fabric. It is some kind of semi-shiny slinky polyester. It's nice and light for summer wear.
So, which pattern would look best for this fabric?

First up, view C, the girl in blue, minus the contrast band. The skirt has a nice fluttery shape for the weight of the fabric.
Second choice: This pattern, which has such cute pockets!

Anyways, vote in my poll!


  1. Tough call, as both dresses would be super cute! I picked the one with pockets but I bet your poll results will be really close...

  2. Looks like it's a close poll - I say fluttery skirt. You can't have enough of those in your summer wardrobe, right? lol!


Thanks for your thoughts and feedback!