Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cape update and a new project

This is my next project:
It's the blue and white stripe my mom sent me and a Claire McCardell reproduction pattern by Eva Dress. There's a link there in the bar on the left- they have a cool variety of modern reproductions of vintage patterns. I am making the short sleeve view in a 12. All I have done so far is to cut out the pattern pieces, but I can say it is printed on real, white paper so it will be sturdy. It was like cutting wrapping paper, that is to say, very easy.
Here is one baby tomato. The garden is thriving. It is windy and cloudy, so there should be a thunderstorm tonight. Last storm all the plants grew about 3 inches overnight. I like results!
I finally figured out my collar mental block. The neck facing was really only the back neck facing. The U shaped part that wrapped up to the opposite shoulder on each front piece needed to be folded under as the front facing. Once I figured that out, I slapped the collar on in about 5 minutes- I didn't even baste it! Bwa ha ha ha.

I also finished the lining, which you can see peeping out the bottom. After going to Joann to get pink thread, I am so glad I bought that lining online. Their lining was also 6.99/yard, but it was terribly cheap, stiff polyester. Ick. Totally worth the shipping cost from ordering online.

All that's left on the cape:
1. Tacking down the collar facing and the sleeve facings.
2. Hemming it by hand.
3. Making buttonholes and sewing on buttons.
4. Somehow figuring out welt pockets....
5. Sewing in the lining by hand.

Well, I wanted a challenge and I got one! I am going to take a break and make the wrap dress. This will be my practice muslin, because I want to make it in a nice silk or satin as a dinner dress.

Any advice on making welt pockets?


  1. Such a lovely cape. I look forward to seeing your next project. It looks like it is going to be lovely.

  2. Your cape is looking so pretty, I'm glad the co llar turned out to be easy after all. : )
    The garden is great -- a tomato already? Good luck with the blue and white fabric project, I love the pattern and think it will make a great party dress.


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