Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The public has spoken!

Well, ladies, I guess we are going with the blue version.

The plus side is the blue and grey are the same pattern, which I opened and pressed. Since they are the same piece with and without darts, I will be able to baste the darts, see if it screws up the stripes, and then go from there.

It also has a pattern for a 3/4 length blouse, which I think I will make at some later date.

Since the fabric is so stretchy, so you think I could omit a zipper and just pull it over my head?

This is OUR dress now, so feel free to chime in with advice and judgement! :)

Also, Andrew and I just made a new raised bed in the back yard and planted green beans. It's now pouring, so maybe I'll have pictures tomorrow!


  1. Sadly, I think you have to keep the zipper, unless it's SUPER stretchy. Usually polyester knits like that are sort of stretchy but not enough to pull over your head, especially if the style has darts... You could always baste the zipper opening closed and try it on, if you can't get it over your head then add the zipper :)

  2. It would depend on how stretchy your fabric is... I agree with Tasia above. :)

  3. Nevermind- it is super, super stretchy, but in the wrong direction! ha ha.


Thanks for your thoughts and feedback!