Monday, June 7, 2010

Pattern Reviews

Let's be real here, peeps, I love comments. Well really more like compliments. My sewing blog theory is if it's ugly or you don't like it you laugh or snark about it, but never TO that person. That would just be mean, and the interwebs are full of enough batshit crazies anyways.

On that note, I joined Pattern Review. Maybe like ten years after everyone else? I originally wanted to enter my awesome blue Mad Men dress in the vintage pattern contest, but after I joined I sadly discovered you have to be a member for 3 months to enter the contests. So in July I can enter contests.

Most importantly, it is just another way to get more comments! Hee hee. It's...a...sick...obsession...

In case anyone can't tell, Robin is my mom. My most favorite comment-leaver, and sometimes my only one! LOL.

*************************60s fabric winner: TRUDY! Trudy always leave nice comments here and on many other sewer's blogs, which is very nice of her. ***************************

Is anyone else unhealthily obsessed with blog comments?

PS- What is with the freaking Chinese spam comments? ugh. I can google translate it to English just as easily as they could, if it was a real person and not a spam bot. I refuse to moderate comments- that takes away the fun!!

And today the dr.s office sucked out three vials of my blood, I bought a watermelon from the back of a truck and I "cooked" us dinner consisting of crescents (the croissants from the tube) and raw veggies with dip. And margaritas.

Here's your picture of the day: (since I hate pictureless posts)
Our one nice, big tomato has been mauled by those evil corbeaux- giant black crows. I'm watching them, they are on notice! One time, at the Tower of London, there was a tiny 2 year old hand-feeding a raven that was as big as the baby. The parents were just laughing and taking pictures. It was terrible, you were just waiting for it to peck the baby in the face. But it didn't. That's when I learned how to say crow in French, because I was studying abroad in Paris.



  1. I love to get comments! They make my entire day and make me think someone is actually reading about what I'm sewing and doing.

  2. Total bonus points for using the word "corbeaux". You must be a "Says You" fan!
    And yes, comments are delicious, but don't get hung up about them.

  3. Comments are always a good thing. :) Funnily enough, I joined Pattern Review waaaay back (2006, I think) and have only reviewed 2 patterns of garments that I've made. I should head over there again sometime soon. You should join Burda Style for even more comments - yay!

  4. I love comments too. I like reading your moms comments as well. My daughter Molly has a blog and the only one who has ever commented is me. I tried sending people her way today...although in talking to her about it, she is not hung-up on getting comments. Me on the other hand loves them and tries to comment on other peoples blogs as often as time permits.

  5. Comments are so nice aren't they! Just feels good to know someone is reading.
    I only joined pattern review recently as well, and haven't posted anything yet... because frankly I went so long without being a member that I sort of forget that I am now, LOL!
    Love you blog, and am just stunned at how fast you manage to turn out one lovely dress after another!

  6. Oh yes, I'm a big fan of comments. I can see my stats and I know that way more people are reading my blog than commenting. Frustrating! But at least they're reading, I guess.

    I'm also a big fan of crescent rolls and of margaritas, but I never thought to combine them in one meal. You're obviously a culinary genius!

  7. I love comments too, recently I said they made me feel less like the crazy lady at the bus stop talking to myself, so I understand the comment love!

    I love your dresses, you seem to whip out amazing looking clothes so fast!

    And I found something similar to your tomato the other day too, chipmunks had eaten the ripe half of my strawberries off! Grr!

    ~Kelli @ Smidgens

  8. I think we all love comments. I know I do. I am always checking to see who has left me a comment. I start to feel a connection with those who do and like to think that some of the commenters have become my friend. Some of them we actually email back and forth sometimes. It's really neat. It's like being involved in a support group; it's like being a part of community.

    I do get the chinese comments sometimes, too. I just delete them. I'm not going to start moderating because I want to make it as easy as possible for my readers to be able to comment. I've even taken off the security word.

    Sorry about the crow eating your tomato. That is so frustrating. I'm trying to grow some, too. Not sure if we'll actually get to eat them.

    That is so sweet that your mom comments on your blog.

    I am so excited about winning your leftover fabric. Can't wait to make a skirt with it. I'm checking my mailbox daily. I'm like a kid at Christmas. Thanks again!

  9. Thanks everyone, for making me feel like I'm having a conversation rather than a narcissistic rant about myself everyday!! LOL. Plus, i don't know any real life people who like sewing clothes here in New Orleans. So that makes this doubly cool!

  10. Hi Molly, Mom here...I really enjoyed your blog and the comments posted. I think the results of your sewing are beautiful and I see all the progress you are making. I really like reading the comments you receive too! They are always so complimentary and I agree with all of them!


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