Saturday, October 1, 2011

Wide Leg Wool Pants

I finished my pants, about which I am fairly happy. I wish I had had a bit more fabric and the pattern had pockets. What is the point of loose pants with no pockets? Stealing away my slouching fun!
Mr. Burns
 I thought I looked Mr. Burns in this picture and I was right! Picture from here.

This is my wool fabric up close and they are lined with a cheap poly lining from Jo-Ann in off-white.
They took 4-5 hours because lining things makes me annoyed, so I procrastinate and work more slowly.
 For notions I used a beige zipper from my Drawer of Zippers and Buttons.
 Yeah, I know my right crease is very off center. Whoops. Now, I rarely wear heels so I hemmed these for flats. See, the perfect length!
I had to make a lot of changes to this to get it to fit. I shortened the leg an inch, but then had to cut off another inch. The sides were wayyy to wide, so I took them in almost an inch on the inner and outer leg. The waist was outrageously high- as in, past my natural waist before the 3 inch waistband was added. I cut that down and re-fit the waistband so they are more semi-low-rise.

I doubt I will make this pattern again. I will find a better one with pockets, or I will trace off my favorite pants and try to copy them.


  1. Nice job, I love your choice of fabric and the fit is perfect. I like them with flats the best you're right they are a better length with the flats. You are able to sew things so fast even when you procastinate, I'm impressed!

  2. They look great from here, and seem to fit really well. I love the fabric you went with, and good on you, lining them! What pattern did you use? I'm psyching myself up to making trousers, myself, and I admire your attempts at them. :)

  3. Very nice fitting pants. Like your fabric choice.


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