Saturday, October 15, 2011

Next up: Happy birthday Andrew trenchcoat

Men's patterns have a really limited selection. Props to Vogue and Burda for even having a men's section in the catalogue. I bought this online for 3.88 on sale, I'm sure because the guy on the front is SO CREEPY! 
 I mean really, I bet those are fake pants that end just above his knees and he's just waiting for the chance to flash some little old ladies in the park. LOL
I'm making it out of brown cotton sateen and underlining it with green and brown plaid fabric (yeah Plaiditudes!). It is meant to be unlined, so I am going to bind the seams with brown binding. Andrew chose the fabric, but I paid for it. Aren't I generous, hee hee. It took five yards of fashion fabric and four and one quarter of the underlining and I used every bit cutting it out.

Vogue calls this "average" or moins facile in French. Andrew and I were discussing the phrasing, which is "less easy" but then we couldn't think of a better word that would be as clear. Moyen is medium, but that could mean a size... Point being, I would call this "advanced." Essentially steps 1-7 are like "hey do a diagonal welt pocket on each side with top stitching, ok?" And I said, "ok, but a year ago I would have quit right there, so I don't think this is average by most people's standards.." Vogue replied "stfu."

Enough, I have to go wait some tables...


  1. Ha ha, love your description of the packet photo - what are they trying to say with that picture?!

  2. Can't wait to see this all sewn up. Your sewing output is amazing! :]

  3. maybe the guy is not actually creepy, but he just looks creepy in that coat. then that means you're turning drew into a creep.

    fortunately, the dude is just creepy

  4. Sounds like a challenge! I can't wait to see the finished pictures of Andrew in the coat, I think you should have him roll his pant legs up above the hem of the coat and wear sunglasses!You could also do a photo of him in the coat posed like the former mayor of Portland, Bud Clark, this photo is famous

  5. Lol, love your conversation with Vogue!

  6. Haha! I was discussing the "moins facile" phrasing with my mom last week, because that is what Butterick called my halloween costume pattern. With Vogue, you always have to take their rating levels with a huge grain of salt, I think. I still can't believe I've not made anything with Plaiditudes. I love plaid! As usual I cannot wait to see how this comes out!


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