Wednesday, October 12, 2011

An overly large green purse

I did make this purse very quickly. It has no closures, just a flap. It's a little too over sized. I would make it smaller if I made it again, both for the sides and the straps.

Here is my dog-model ignoring me. Andrew was out of town on Monday and I had to work a double, so TT was boarded at a doggy day care. Crate free, very clean, lots of dogs to play with but he still spent Tuesday pouting and ignoring me to express his displeasure. 
 I had to make siren noises to get him to even look at me. Such a brat!
 I added two pockets inside, as I try to keep my phone separate from all my junk so it doen't get scratched.
So this is kind of meh, but I want to do some more practice purses and then make some out of leather. I refuse to pay 100 + dollars for a leather purse. I have no interest in purses, I just want a brown one and a black one to hold my stuff.


  1. I really like the purse you made, I can't judge the size next to T Rex!! LOL You need to have Andrew take a picture of you holding the purse. Looks really nice tho!

  2. I really like this pattern! May have to make one for myself sometime soon. I have the perfect piece of burgundy corduroy too!

  3. Nice purse. They can never be too big for me :) I really like the doggie model - my favorite part of the post.


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