Friday, October 7, 2011

Estate Sale Loot!

I went to three estate sales today. The first and third sucked, but the second one was great. It's funny because I only went to that one because I was already near Skokie. 
They had really cute vintage baby clothes, which I admired but did not buy. I am not (yet) a sewing hoarder. 
 There were other outfits too, but by that point my hands were full. Oh, and people were around. I like to take pictures in secret of stuff I don't want to buy. Hee hee.
 I bought another muffin pan for 1.50, two sets of knitting needles and two metal zips for 25 cents each, a scarf and two pairs of mittens, 6 kitchen towels with food things on them and a ceramic eggplant dish. Total cost: 15 dollars.
I found three more awesome sounding sales that start tomorrow, one is nearby, but the other two are far away in different directions. I will have to choose- but, but but- they both have sewing stuff and patterns! Ahhh! A real Sophie's choice kind of situation!

Cross your fingers I make the right choice!


  1. Neat stuff! Luke had an outfit like the blue and white one -- very adorable. Why choose? Why not go to all of the sales!

  2. Nice finds. I'm a thrifter interested in checking out estate sales in Chicagoland. May I ask how you find out about them?

  3. OMG mom, Chicago is huge and they are both an hour away but in opposite directions! I find them on craigslist mostly. I don't know which paper has good garage sale classified yet.

  4. Good luck! I like those eggplant dishes! How sweet!


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