Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween from Napoleon BONEaparte!

T-Rex would like to wish all of you a happy Halloween!
 He looks very regal. I totally screwed up on the hat and it looks like a floppy beret, but it's not like he'll wear it for more than 2 minutes anyways. I had to remove the cravat and the hat to get him to act even slightly happy.

 Luckily, he is dumb enough that removing the hat and tie and then shouting "SQUIRREL" got him happy again. Here is the dictator of the yard hunting for squirrels.

 I like how his tail pokes out from between the coat-tails. Win!
Have a fun night everyone and eat a ton of candy!


  1. Lol, Squirrel! His costume is great. Happy Halloween :)

  2. He is the cutest small dog ever...and definitely a "little Napeleon"! Have a great Halloween and have fun : )

  3. All of these are awesome! I love them!

  4. Aww, so cute!! He looks very regal and important in his jacket. :)

  5. lol.... thanks for the laugh.. he looks adorable :)


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