Friday, October 21, 2011

Estate Sale Loot!

First, proof that the wild neighborhood bunnies exist! It was just sitting under the bush, twitching its nose. 
 I had to go to Franklin Park to pick up a package from the UPS station for Andrew, so I thought I would go to an estate sale in Schaumburg on the way back. There weren't a lot of choices this weekend. If you live to the southwest of Chicago, there was one with sewing stuff and patterns in Joliet on loot for others...

I did not buy this monstrosity, but I did take a picture! There were also elaborate pink velvet drapes to match the bedspread! Every room had a suite of furniture that was similar, but slightly different. They were all really over-wrought blonde wood things. Ick.
 I did buy this lime green bathmat and five kitchen utensils. Another metal spatula, a potato masher, a butter creamer, a meat tenderizer and a hard-boiled egg slicer. Well, that's what I call them- you can chime in if they have real names...rug- $1, utensils 50 c each
 Apparently this lady had worked at Lord and Taylor and had accumulated a lot of stuff still in the packages. There were a ton of bed ruffles, pillow cases, sheets, etc. I hooked myself up with curtains! So now the small bedroom and sun porch will be covered and I don't have to do any more boring curtain sewing!! Yay!
 All of the beige ones have one big curtain in them ($2 each) and the flowered ones ($4) are two to a pack.
I also got Andrew some brand new flannel pajamas, which were way cheaper than the fabric would even cost! (only $5!)

So that was fun, but not the traffic getting home at 3:30 on a Friday. I got on the I-90 like an idiot and then had to sit there for nearly 30 min, just to get off at the next exit. Derp!

No more estate sales this weekend, I need to finish Andrew's coat!


  1. You got some good loot! Yea, no more curtain sewing for you! I like Andrew's pajamas, what a great deal.

  2. Your butter creamer is also known as a pastry blender. I love seeing all your loot! I've recently gotten into going to estate sales... so much fun (and kinda addicting).

  3. just coming to chime in that i've always called the butter creamer/pastry blender a pastry knife. i actually bought one this weekend too lol, at the flea market. i love cheap kitchen utensils! now to make piesssssss

    those pajamas are great!


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