Saturday, October 29, 2011

Men's Vogue 8720- Trenchcoat

Well, I am glad to be finished with this finally! Coats take along time to make and this took me about two weeks to finish. Andrew is happy with his coat, so happy birthday!
 We had some piercingly bright sun today, and I just finished sewing on the buttons, so it was time to wear it to the park for a dog walk. I followed the instructions to a T and only added length in the sleeves and hem. I also underlined the brown cotton in plaid flannel for warmth. I did the topstitching, but not the flat-felled seams. Instead I bound them off with bias binding.
 Plaid interior.
 The back looks very nice and exactly like a trench coat should.

 The buttons match fairly closely and blend in.
 Running with T-Rex in the park...
It's not a very hard pattern, but it takes some time to do all 50-some steps that go with it. It's a nice coat and Andrew is happy, so I'm happy.



  1. Excellent coat! Too bad you couldn't get him to pose like the pattern cover ;)

  2. It looks so good and professional...I love the plaid lining.

  3. Wow! You did a fabulous job on this. He looks very happy with his new coat. I love the lining.

  4. Great coat and the plaid lining is such a nice surprise!

  5. Looks so good and he looks very happy with the finished product! I really like the coat color and the plaid lining.

  6. Great coat. I was put off by the pattern photo: smug looking dude in sunglasses. I'm glad you were able to see past that, because now I'm intrigued. I just might make one for the Huz.

  7. Very nice, Molly! Love the colors and fabric choices.

  8. Really nice job Molly. Andrew looks great in it - as said in earlier comments - better than the creepy guy on the envelope.

  9. you did a great job! andrew definitely looks very pleased with his new coat :)


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