Saturday, April 2, 2011

Vogue Summer Dress

I bought this pattern and fabric at Hancock last weekend on sale, since there is no way I would pay $30 for a pattern. I really liked the back detail and thought that I would maybe make up my red silk in this pattern.
I made it out of rayon challis, which is quite nice for the 70-80 degree spring in New Orleans. We went to French Quarter and took pictures in Jackson Square.
I shortened the skirt 4-5 inches, but I did not take into consideration the narrow hem for a circle skirt. It is too long for my taste, especially for a summer dress. It is very comfortable, though!
It has a slightly raised waist, but not quite empire-waisted. I think I need more waist definition. I did see a pregnant woman wearing a romper, which made me shudder.
The back is really pretty and I hand-picked the zipper like usual. We were going to go to the horse races, but apparently racing season is over! I was convinced it went Thanksgiving to Easter every year, and now I am sad.
So, while I will not be making this out of beautiful red silk, it is certainly a nice summer dress that will get a lot of use!

Any thoughts for a beautiful pattern for 3 yards of red silk?


  1. Very pretty dress! I love the back. :]

  2. Very cute and the back detail is really nice! It looks super comfortable, I love it!

  3. It is very pretty and comfy looking, but I'm glad you made it up and found out any bad stuff so I didn't have to :) Because open backs always stump me...what are you wearing for, shall we say, support?! Or is it built in?
    P.S. - I would kill to be take a trip to New Orleans right now!

  4. Very cute! I'm jealous of your sunny weather too.

  5. lol i bought this pattern online too! i'm really surprised how long it is..even after shortening the skirt 4-5 inches?? @.@ i adore the detailing on the back, tho!


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