Friday, April 8, 2011

Sewing Club Prototype Bag

We are making a messenger bag at sewing club, and I have never made a bag from a pattern before. I decided to make a prototype, which was a good idea because we were definitely missing a pattern piece. The one for the bag bottom.

The pattern and all of our fabric that we used was from the free stuff from that I collected last summer. It is great because I can use all of our bake sale money to get other things we need. I just bought an iron and some big, sharp scissors. I know that seems ridiculous that it took me so long, but I hate going to Walmart and I put it off until I have a list of at least 5 things I can't get cheaper elsewhere.
One of the (two) girls there said, "Wouldn't it be cool if we could make a reversible bag?" I said, "Yeah, but that would be too hard for us right now!" Then I finished making it and realized that since it is fully lined, it is reversible. Duh!
This is the "outside" to me, and also make sup both sides of the flap. It's a really cute 50s style print.
This is the "inside," which has pockets (to hold my precious baby phone).
The inside back, which also has a big pocket. I wouldn't say the prints "match," but they are in the same color family and are both pastel shades.
Anyways, it was really easy to make. It was the first "real" bag I have made! I need to make more and get better at it so that I could make myself a big leather purse/bag instead of paying a hundred bucks for one! (Which I will never do!)


  1. This is super cute vintage look fabric, I love this messenger bag, what a great project for the sewing club!


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