Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Parade and a Summer Skirt

I know it's not summer yet, but it was so hot! Bathing myself in sunscreen and sweating like apig make it feel like summer!

The Vogue pattern called for five yards of fabric, so I bought four. I always end up shortening things so much, that that is my standard deal. Then, I made the dress, and because I shortened the skirt so much, I could still cut it folded. I would imagine every normal sized person would need to open up the fabric and cut them singly. So, I was left with about a yard left over too!

Thus, I made a skirt. Randomly pleated, hemmed on the machine, with a skinny waistband with a little interfacing, and a handpicked vintage metal zipper I dug out of sewing table. So let's pretend this skirt cost nothing!

We all went to the Irish-Italian-Islenos parade today and had fun. I caught some excellent loot!

Hats were courtesy of Stephanie, since we were not prepared, or even wearing green.
An excellent, light-weight summer skirt.
My best loot. I got the umbrella by jumping up and down and shouting, similar to the t-shirt, except I added shirt gestures and yelled "t-shirt!" One of my students was riding in the parade, which is how I got the stuffed animal. I said "Hey! Hey! Give your teachers some beads!" Then we got stuffed animals instead.

Look at this doozy of a shirt! It's hilarious, but too embarrassing to ever wear outside.
Well, this week is standardized testing review week, so I am already prepared and have no extra school work, so hopefully I will make a thing or two to photograph on the weekend!


  1. You got some excellent loot, it looks like a lot of fun too! Do you think your student recognized you? with the wig and sunglases on!

  2. Lovely skirt! I also loved the dress from your last's fun to see New Orleans as well!


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