Saturday, April 9, 2011

Military Style Dress FINISHED! w/pics

I finally finished this monster! I started this in January, inspired by this picture here. It was a coat, but I wanted to make a winter dress. I bought some olive green peach skin from Vogue Fabrics online.

I drafted my own pattern, which took some time. Due to the fabric's vague and wild stretch, I also had to do a lot of refitting as I constructed it.

We took pictures at Metairie Cemetery, which I drive by every day on my way to work, but we had never gone. It is full of very elaborate French/New Orleans style above ground tombs, which are always interesting. As someone who likes history, I like looking at the dates and names, too. Tomorrow we are going to bike around it and take more pictures. I cut this short due to the 90 degree weather!
It looks a little more brown in the sun than it really is.
The bodice and back are fitted with princess seams- two on each side on the front, one on each side on the back.The skirt has darts in the back and pleats in the front. It is double breasted with ten buttons and the bands are chocolate brown velvet ribbon. I did a double row of stitching on the machine for the hem on the skirt and sleeves. I used brown thread for contrast, since I knew it would be noticeable. So now it looks intentional.
The skirt has a nice, soft shape that balances out the top, I think. This is my favorite tomb: Lacosst born 1854 in Haut Gasconne, France; died 1913 New Orleans.
The back is pretty sleek.
My military compatriots for my photos.
The band breaks up the back and gives it a little detail. Actually, I added it because the skirt stretched as I sewed it to the bodice, making all of the pleats out of line with the seams on the bodice. That made me furious because I had spent a lot of time lining them up just so.

Overall, I am pleased with it. Unfortunately, I finished it just in time for the hot weather, so it won't see any use until the fall!


  1. Your dress turned out very nicely! :]

  2. Oh it's really lovely! The military style detailing is great, and I like the shape of the shoulders too.

  3. Well worth the time it took, it is beautiful and looks so flattering on you! I am so impressed that you designed and drafted the pattern.

  4. Looks great! I love the retro look of it in the side on pic.

  5. Apart from being amazing in the way it looks, this dress is also amazing due to its self-drafted impressive!


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