Thursday, April 28, 2011

Giant Asparagus

 While we were in Florida, my asparagus plant grew one enormous stalk. It's that spindly piece trying to grow over the railing.
 I shared it with T-Rex, who also likes asparagus. FYI, that hideous sofa is getting left behind when we move! Not worth the gas or effort!
This was from a Zephyr's baseball game a few weeks ago; I cherish any picture of both of us where we look normal. Also, RIP those sunglasses. I wore them into the ocean and then got hit by a wave and they were LOST! Second year in a row! 
I am not sewing, it was too windy and now we have guests. Instead, I am painting my table and four chairs. More on that later!

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  1. That is a beautiful photo of you two, you know your Mom would love a copy! The asparagus is giant, how many years until you have a crop? I think I will consider buying you a plant light for Chicago.


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