Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Andrew Halloween costume: Inspiration

I asked Andrew id he had any good ideas for his Halloween costume. He did not, as his only idea was to make a papier mache Forever Alone guy mask and wear normal clothes. Lame!

I am wearing last year's costume, of course, because it took so long to make!
I showed him my idea, which is to make this Jolly Green Giant costume and he agreed happily. It helps that he is 6 foot 3, so he practically is a giant! I'm thinking green spandex bodysuit, and felt or cotton tunic with leaves and leaf hat.

Any other possibilities for construction?


  1. Wow, that is going to be so fun! totally use green felt for the tunic and leaf hat. Are you sure you don't want a costume to go along with the jolly green giant? You could be a farmer girl!!

  2. I have a kwiksew pattern for a unitard...it is womens, but maybe they made a mens one? If you don't want to make one, dance companies stock them for $50-$80ish.

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