Saturday, September 3, 2011

Curtains 15-18: the office and a POLL!

This week's sewing was all curtains, which I know isn't very interesting. I have made a poll for you to compromise. This is the "office," a small room off of the living room. It's maybe 8 feet by 8 feet. 
 This is the fabric, which my mom sent to me. She said she got it at an estate sale for $5, I think. It feels like silk and is very crinkly.
 The fabric turned out to be about 3 or 4 yards, so I cut one length and then split it in half to make the long curtains. I took the remaining fabric and doubled it to make the short center ruffle. It is sew onto a long piece of ivory cotton in the center to make the curtains functional. It's glowing like an alien space ship light, but I swear it exists.
 The fabric matches both of my awesome estate sale armchairs. I can't decide which one looks better in that spot. This house has a serious lack of electrical outlets. It would be nice if Andrew could keep his guitar stuff on the sun porch, but there are no plugs out there.

For the poll, you may choose which chair you like better in the office- green or orange!

Which chair looks better in the office?
Have a great weekend!

(Yes, that is a hole in the floor. They replaced some boards from under the radiator and Andrew stepped on the one next to it and fell into the floor! hahahahahah)


  1. Ouch to fall through the floor. I hope Andrew was OK. Will they fix the hole too?

  2. Yeah, I haven't even called yet, but they will!

  3. The hole in the floor is funny! Love the curtains and I voted for the orange chair!

  4. I hope Andrew is OK. I've fallen through a hole in the floor and still have swelling in my upper leg after 4 years which the doctor says he can do nothing about as it does not hinder me in any way. The orange chair is stimulating and off sets the curtains well in the picture but the green is relaxing which is why I prefer it. Cherrie.

  5. Go the orange chair! It's got some nice zing for you pretty curtains. Look comfortable too!



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