Saturday, September 17, 2011

Vision Quest: Making my own jeans!!!

The temperature has droped here in Chicago, so I started thinking about making pants. 
T-Rex sez: "Oh my lord it's cold! Why did you bring me here!"
 These are the best fitting jeans I have ever owned. They are Citizens of Humanity "Faye" which they no longer make. They are expensive and very well made. New ones cost between 150 and 250 bucks, which is insane. I got them at a resale shop in New Orleans in 2006 for 35 bucks because they had been hemmed. LOL. I still had to hem them.
Yes, my sweatshirt says "Raisin hell in Dundee, Oregon" and has a California Raisin on it.  Thrift shop gold!
 They were originally much darker, but I still love the fit. I decided to trace them onto muslin and make a pattern. Then I went prancing off to Jo-Ann and spent 60 bucks on denim and jean-making supplies.
 After coming home and thinking about the money I spent, I paused and forced myself to make a muslin, even though I hate that. I especially hate picking it apart to use as a pattern, so I used this monstrosity of a cotton in my stash. Can you believe I thought about making a DRESS from this? Good gods!
At this point it is okay to make this face:
So, I'm glad I made a muslin, cause these looked like shit!!! Not only are the pockets way too big, the waist was gaping and horrible, there's some terrible under-butt wrinkles and the crotch! Even Andrew was like "that's some scary camel toe." Really, it's more like V-crotch. Still terrifying.
Somehow this didn't put me off of my project enthusiasm and I spent most of Friday busting out a pair of jeans. I'll try to finish them today and take pictures tomorrow. They are really not bad for a self-made pattern and my first time making jeans!

Oh, and feel free to mock the fit of my muslin. hahahahha!


  1. I'm terrified by the prospect of ever making pants/trousers, so I salute your bravery! I must say the muslin pictures are pretty funny, but the fact that you persevered is incredible! Can't wait to see you finished jeans!

  2. I love that you've dived into making jeans! Don't feel bad about your muslin fit, just remember that's the point, to get the best fit in the end.

  3. Molly, you've made my day yet again. The muslin photos are hilarious! I hope the jeans came out better, because that would be a major bummer otherwise. Good for you, though to do all this work for jeans!

  4. Very brave to make your own pattern. If it turns out they don't work, lots of people swear by Jalie 2908. I've bought it, but haven't tried yet.

  5. you just need one more ill-fitting pair of pants and a visit to new orleans to have yourself a photo shoot!

  6. LOL I am laughing and having trouble typing! I am so impressed that you share the things that go wrong! I am very excited to see the completed jeans on. keep us all posted!

  7. I love your jeans efforts - I just made a pair to match my favorite Hudson (I used the JStern pattern) - and guess what? I love them! Absolutely love them! Yeah - I can't wait to see your result!

  8. I can't wait to see your jeans! I DARE you to finish the muslin and wear them in public.


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