Sunday, September 11, 2011

Butterick 6944- The crazy diner waitress dress

First some good news! I found a waitressing job! Yay, so now I will soon have income! Not at a diner, though... Also, I took three of my teaching endorsement tests yesterday, and I feel pretty confident about them, even the French one (which I thought I might fail!). 

On to the only thing I made this week: 

Fabric: navy and off white fine wale corduroy

Notions: 1 16" front zipper, 2 white vintage buttons

Cost: About $13

 Look at my crazy face! Ha!
 Time: Maybe 3-4 hours spread out over several days
 I did buy the "Awesome!" brand paper towels.
 Molly's Ew: The front facing was supposed to be off white, too. I made it blue.
 I don't really like this dress. Maybe because I am so small, but the collar and the pockets are way too big and make the proportions off. Also, the colors make it look like a diner uniform or something. I am not a fan.
 Firsts: sewing with corduroy, making a dress with a FRONT ZIPPER!! (which looks excellent because I did it by hand), making pockets that double as belt loops ...
Meh. I told Stephanie I would mail it to her if she liked it. I really do not. Ok, I'm going to go make something more fun and hopefully more successful.


  1. hahahahaha. Your facial expression in the first pic cracked me up big time. I have this pattern, though I had never really thought about making it.

  2. Lol, you are too funny. The pockets are really interesting, it is too bad it didn't come out better. Colorblocking is something I struggle with, even though I love the way it looks on a pattern cover. It tends not to be flattering on my petite frame. The pockets kind of look like they aren't attached to the dress, at least in the photos.
    That's crazy, I never picked up on either of those as feeling star trek-ish, although my boyfriend may have mentioned that about the turtleneck one. Now I can never look at them the same way again!

  3. Ha ha! Hey I think if you remove the pockets (maybe leave small belt loops) it would look great. I think it is the white making it overwhelm you. But it is SO '70's!

  4. Was that pattern a true size 12 for the Diner girl dress? I almost bought a size 10, but I am not sure that it would fit. You dont look like a size 12 in your picture... Please let me know! :)


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